My articles in arXiv (preprints)


On the structure and the behaviour of Collatz 3n + 1 sequences - Finite subsequences and the role of the Fibonacci sequence (arXiv 1412.0519 Link)


On on alternative proof of Fermat´s Last Theorem (arXiv 1412.1689 Link)


New results on the stopping time behaviour of the Collatz 3x + 1 function (arXiv 1504.00212 Link)


New minimal (4, n)-regular matchstick graphs (arXiv 1604.07134 Link)


Minimal completely asymmetric (4, n)-regular matchstick graphs (arXiv 1609.06972 Link)


On the existence of 4-regular matchstick graphs (arXiv 1705.00293 link)


A catalogue of 4-regular and (2, 4)-regular matchstick graphs (arXiv 1705.04715 link)