Matchstick Graphs Calculator

This version of the MGC contains all graphs from the following articles. For optimal functionality and design please use the Firefox web browser. Last update on July 11, 2017.

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Click on a button to see the graph. Click on the button "show proof" to read the constructive proof of the graph. Click on the button "labels on/off" to see only the edges of the graph.
Click on the blue point beside "start_blue_angle" to start the animation of the graph. Edges which differ from the unit length are colored red if shorter or green if longer.

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Streichholzgraph P1
label color , window size or , alternative keys for tablet PC


blue_angle= ° green_angle= ° orange_angle= ° , angle(,,) = 60°


by , by °, by ,

Input window for the graph construction program code in MGC language.
next vertex is P .


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